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Have you ever tried to explain where something is to someone? Was the address enough, or did you have to describe roads and landmarks? Did you even know the address? While computers can plot points on a map with complicated GPS coordinates, we tend to rely on road names and familiar places to help us find our way. That works, but we can do better. Beacons solve this problem by remembering places for you so all you have to do is share them with your friends. Instead of "I'm at the picnic shelter in the park on Market Street beside the supermarket", just drop a Beacon and share it! Your friends can use Google Maps to navigate down the road and the built-in Beacon Compass to walk right to you!
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"Orbits" is a game of skill that puts you in control of a space exploration agency. Launch probes to complete missions ranging from simple flybys to cargo drops, rescue operations, and more!
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Unity Tools
Enhance your game development workflow with these great productivity tools for the Unity platform!
In-Game Messaging
The In-Game Messaging plugin extends Unity's built-in message system to enable loose coupling between game components. Use it to enhance your new or existing game's architecture by sending asynchronous messages in code rather than rely on direct references to other objects.
UI Bindings
The UI Bindings plugin helps developers build robust, data-driven UI elements. Instead of relying on direct object references throughout the hierarchy, games that use this plugin can make updates to data in a single place and allow changes to propagate to interested UI components.
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